Individually Registered Girl Scouts

If you live in a rural area, are having trouble finding a troop, or would like to continue in Girl Scouting on your own, becoming an Individually Registered Girl Scout  is a great way to continue your Girl Scout experience, or become a new Girl Scout when you cannot find a troop.

Register as an individually registered girl and participate in program events sponsored by our council or in your local community. An individually registered Girl Scout is not affiliated with a specific troop, but is still able to discover, connect and take action. You can also earn badges and journey awards, sell cookies, attend camp and more! An individually registered Girl Scout does not attend troop meetings. She works on the Girl Scout program with a parent or other adult mentor, and decides what activities she wants to participate in and which badges or journey awards she wants to earn.  Individually registered Girl Scouts may join local service unit and council-wide events, attend resident camp, participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, join other girls on trips, and attend events with friends of their choice. 

To learn more, please contact your local Service Unit team or Membership staff person at the Council Service Center. 

What is a Service Unit? 

A Service Unit is an assigned geographical area, usually a school district, comprised of troops and volunteers. Each unit has a team, and as the parent of an individually registered girl, you should get to know who these women/men are, and ensure you are part of any communications regarding events, cookie booths, and camps.

Can Individually Registered Girls earn Bronze, Silver and Gold awards? 

Yes! Girls can earn any or all of our awards.  Bronze awards are for Junior level scouts and meant to be earned as a group, but an Individually Registered Girl can do it on her own.

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