2016 GSMISTS Cookie Program - There's Something Amazing Inside

Hey girls! We're excited for this year's Cookie Program, and we hope you are too! This year, you'll discover the world of GOOD you can do by selling cookies, along with learning 5 skills essential to leadership, to success, and to life: 

  1. Goal setting
  2. Decision making
  3. Money Management
  4. People Skills
  5. Business Ethics
Learn more about the 5 SKILLS here

Be a Go-Getter!

Hit up your family, friends, neighbors & other peeps to help you reach your GS goals like creating a better day for someone in need, building better communities or whatever other goals you've set for yourself! The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a great way to earn money that will fuel your dreams, and of course, it's a totally awesome, hands-on leadership program! And did we mention all the fun you'll have?!

And, we have lots of great incentives this year, including a Super Seller Trip, your choice between a laptop or iPad Mini, a Cookies to Camp Day, and lots of Cookie Dough to use in our council shops! Plus...all incentives are cumulative! That's right...we said it - cumulative! See all our great incentives here.

Get online and get connected - Cookie Club™!

What goes together like Thin Mints and a glass of milk? Girl Scout Cookies and computer savvyness! New this year is the Girl Scout Cookie Club™ were girls can "ask" customers online to buy cookies! They can supercharge their cookie sales by taking orders online and...

  • Send emails to friends and family asking for cookie "promises"
  • Watch online orders stack up in their Goal Tracker
  • Deliver cookies and accept payment in person

So get ready to learn all the great things a cookie can do because the 2016 Cookie Season starts January 11!

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