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GSMISTS is proud to partner with Kids’ Food Basket

The purpose of Kids’ Food Basket is to attack childhood hunger to help young people learn and live well. Childhood hunger denies dignity, robs kids of their energy, and undermines our community’s stability.

Kids’ Food basket is the largest organization in Michigan dedicated to attacking childhood hunger. We currently provide Sack Suppers to nearly 7,500 kids every weekday during the school year, plus hundreds more at local sites in the summer.

The schools we serve have an average student population in which 80% or more of the students receive free or reduce lunches. Even with this requirement, we currently serve 39 sites, and there is consistent demand for our services. We have a number of schools on our waiting list at any given time.

These are not drop off opportunities, register for you and your troop to volunteer!

Levels:  ALL

Dates: For activities with your troop, please contact Kids' Food Basket

Time: Varies

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