GSMISTS are proud to partner with the Habitat for Humanity of Kent County.

Seeking to put God’s love into action. Habitat for Humanity of Kent County brings people together to build homes, community, and hope.

Levels: All levels are welcome to visit.

Construction Volunteer for Senior and Ambassador level.

You can register your troop to volunteer for a home or repair project where you will learn many tasks from framing a new home to landscaping. Register your small troop at  or for a larger troop contact Sarah Brandt at 616-588-5226,

Girl Scouts can assist in the following areas:


Time & Date: Tuesday-Saturday; 8:30am/9:30am-4pm

Levels: Junior and higher

Costs: $0

Badge Connection: Woodworker, Room Makeover, Gardener

Description: Work on a construction site doing a variety of tasks including framing, carpentry, flooring, painting, and landscaping.  Age restrictions apply for certain tasks; 14-16 years old can work on painting and landscaping, 16 years and older can work on most sites but cannot stand at certain heights or operate specific tools.



Time & Date: Tuesday-Saturday; 10am, 12pm, 2pm are the typical break times

Levels: Brownie-Cadette

Costs: Materials for making snacks/food

Badge Connection: Cook Snacks, Simple Meals, New Cuisines

Description: Bring out snacks to construction volunteer groups during the work breaks, this is a great time to see the house and meet community members. 

For the New Cuisines badge, we do have another program focused on international housing needs and could use international food from specific countries to serve during the event.


First Aid

Time & Date: Tuesday-Saturday; 1-2 hours

Levels: Brownie-Cadette

Costs: You can donate materials or we can provide supplies 

Badge Connection: First Aid (All)

Description: We provide basic first aid kits on all of our construction sites and keep a supply of 5-10 kits ready to replace used ones.  These kits need to be refilled and checked for expired supplies.  We also use a trauma kit with an AED, these bags come with additional supplies that could be inventoried/restocked.


Time & Date: Tuesday-Saturday

Levels: Brownie-Cadette

Costs: You can donate materials or we can provide supplies 

Badge Connection: Story Telling- My Family Story, Digital Photographer, Public Speaker, Comic Artists, Collage Artist

Description(s):  Many Habitat families are asked to share their story of coming to Habitat and working through the home buying program, meet with a family and help them create this story in text, verbally, or in a comic. 

When a volunteer group is out on site we like to send out someone to greet the group and share a bit about Habitat Kent’s work in the community, this is an excellent speaking opportunity.  There are typically 5-15 people out and the orientation material can take 10-15 minutes. 

Building a Habitat home can take 4-6 months and home-buyers are not always able to be out on site every day to meet the volunteers and see the progress on the home.  We are always looking for help photographing sites and compiling these photos into a slideshow, scrapbook, collage, or simply putting them on social media.

Non-construction events can be set up on an as needed basis

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