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The Girl Scout Journeys are an essential part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE), providing girls with a series of activities grouped around a theme - like self-esteem, the environment, relationships and much more! Each journey coordinates with the 15 national outcomes for girls, essential components to the three leaderships keys: Discover, Connect and Take Action.

Journeys are the core framework to the GSLE, and they're available for each Girl Scout grade level. And, they can be customized for each girl! Each Journey comes as a set, providing the adult leaders with a handbook full of fun ideas, useful activities, discussion topics and more. At the end of each Journey, girls will also have the chance to earn their Journey awards and patches to display on their uniforms. 

The Girl Scout Journeys

Each Journey offers girls a new adventure, allowing them to Discover, Connect and Take Action with fun activities, discussions, projects and more! Currently, Girl Scouts offers three unique Journey series - all covering a wide variety of topics. Each Journey allows girls to progress through the levels from Daisy to Ambassador, with a Journey book designed specifically for each level!

It's Your World - Change It!
is the first Girl Scout Journey series, helping girls learn more about what it means to be a leader who can make a difference in the world. 

Learn more about each grade level book here.

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It's Your Planet - Love It!
is the second Girl Scout Journey series. This eco-friendly Journey exposes girls to ideas and discussion on the environment. Girls learn to tackle environmental issues such as clean water and air, noise pollution, global warming, soil contamination, and agricultural processes.

Learn more about each grade level book here.

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NEW! It's Your Story - Tell It! is the newest Girl Scout Journey series, teaching girls all about the importance of self-esteem, a balanced diet and physical activity, healthy relationships and confidence. If you liked Uniquely ME! you'll love this new journey!

Learn more about each grade level book here.

Purchase It's Your Story - Tell It Journey books here!

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