Imagine a perfect world for girls! Create that vision as an art project, then take action to make it real. Leaders, after all, are visionaries!

This is an 8-session Journey, but could be modified to fit your troop’s needs. For more information, go to GSUSA's website regarding the journey.


  • Visit art museums, galleries, studios or artists – learn about women artists and how to express one’s vision through various mediums
  • Explore various plays or other art forms focusing on women’s issues or utopian societies
  • Visit sites for your Take Action Project

  • Research others’ views of Utopian Societies – various artists’ versions,
    books, movies
  • Write a letter of appreciation to a woman leader or mentor
  • Hold an art show so that others can view the girls’ Girltopia art projects
  • Host a Leadership Talk Show – described on page 33 of girl book
  • Create slogans that represent their Girltopia vision – put on buttons, bumper stickers or t-shirts
  • Recruit potential role models that can help girls on journey (especially good
    for the Guide It and Connect sections)
  • Have a Japanese Tea Ceremony


  • Includes information on writing press releases
    •  Troops can always practice writing press releases and can even request assistance from the council’s Marketing and Brand department
    •  For large stories or major city papers/ other major media sources (i.e. radio & television), please turn any press releases or stories in to the council Marketing and Brand department for review
    •  For local neighborhood news/church, bulletins/etc., it is recommended to confer with the Marketing and Brand department.
  • Each girl should have a copy of the Journey book    
  • The green boxes throughout the Facilitator Guide have great additional programming options
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