Staff Directory

As staff members we're committed to serving girls throughout northern and western Michigan as well as providing our adult members and volunteers with the resources and training to do the same. We welcome questions and comments, and are here to assist you!

The staff directory is listed by Service Center and council leadership. To reach staff members by phone, call the appropriate local Service Center at the numbers listed below or call our toll free number at 844-GSMISTS (844.476.4787).

Mary A. Charles
Interim CEO
616.784.3341 ext. 128
Linda Arnold-Lillibridge
Senior Director of Programs & Community Development
616.784.3341 ext.126
Kim Hoffman
Senior Director of Fund Development & Communications
616.784.3341 ext. 141
Chris Sodini
Senior Director of Finance & Operations
616.784.3341 ext. 164
Grand Rapids Service Center - 616.784.3341
Deb Bennett
616.784.3341 ext. 162
Irene Bosman
Retail Sales Director
616.784.3341 ext. 166
Lynda Dobrowolski
Product Sales Manager
616.784.3341 ext.142
Kimberly Dukes
Volunteer Information Specialist
616.784.3341 ext. 148
Demitria Gavit
Outdoor Program Manager
616-784-3341ext. 133
Tova Jones
Volunteer Development Specialist
616.784.3341 ext. 124
Rebekah Kennedy
Director of Volunteer Development
616.784.3341 ext. 146
Patricia MacMillen
Customer Service Specialist
616.784.3341 ext. 135
Katie Perschbacher
Membership Specialist
(616) 784-3341 ext. 170
Hannah Plumb
Membership Specialist
616.784.3341 ext. 127
Janis Sny
Human Resources Director
616.784.3341 ext. 131
Nicole Vink
Manager of Community Cultivation
616.784.3341 ext. 132
Kiandra Williams
Membership Specialist
616.784.3341 ext. 127
Muskegon Service Center - 231.744.4774
Janice Bourgoin
Director of Membership & Community Cultivation
231.744.4774 ext. 210
Sally Ellis
Director of Program - Product Sales
231.744.4774 ext. 216
Michelle Marciniak
Manager of Community Cultivation
231.744.4774 ext. 203
Karen Olson
Customer Service Specialist/Registrar
231.744.4774 ext. 201
Angela Potter
Membership Specialist
231-744-4774 ext. 206
Helen Sampson
Membership Specialist
(231) 744-4774 ext. 205
Traverse City Service Center - 231.947.7354
Tammi Ballew
Manager of Community Cultivation
Andrea Hornby
Pathways Manager
231.947.7354 ext. 231
Kelly Lauster
Membership Specialist
Casey Leach
Volunteer Development Specialist
Mary Maison
Customer Service Specialist/Registrar
231.947.7354 ext.221
Sara Satkowiak
Membership Specialist
231.947.1917 ext.238
Mary Ann Wolf
MVP Administrative Assistant
231.947.7354 ext. 222
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